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Controlling behaviors, such as demanding passwords to email accounts or constant texting and phone calls may initially be viewed as signs of love – that a dating partner is taking an interest in their lives and showing how much they care.

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Then, at God Awful o’clock, a Face Time call comes in. The next thing we know we’re in a taxi, too intoxicated to drive our kids home, resulting in us crashing the only queen bed left in my mother-in-law’s house.

We went to sleep that night with our son sleeping peacefully between us; icing us like a champ. Trust Your Instincts My college friend, Christine, and I both waitressed at a campus beer-n-burger place.

Here are a handful of the weirdest, most delightful, and, in some — that's 1. Boozer filed a lawsuit over the unauthorized alterations. He Went Door-to-Door for Jehovah's Witnesses Under the religious influence of his friend and mentor, former Sly and the Family Stone bassist Larry Graham, Prince knocked on doors, proselytizing on behalf of Jehovah's Witnesses. "Michael drops his paddle and holds his hands up in front of his face so the ball won't hit him. He Thought Being Asked to Sing on "Bad" Was an Insult Was Jackson's smash hit was originally intended to be a duet with Prince?

(In less fantastic, still excellent news, he just released two new albums: Art Official Age and Plectrum Electrum, the latter featuring his all-female backing band, 3rd Eye Girl.) The thing is, some of the craziest rumors about Prince might not be mere rumors at all. He is a Renter's Nightmare In 2006, Prince rented a Hollywood mansion belonging to NBA player Carlos Boozer. The latter's former teammate Jay Williams told ESPN Radio that "Prince changed the front gate to the Prince sign ... changed the streaming blue waters that led to the front door to purple water," and so on.

and their Date Night Horror Stories are totally worthy of Friday the 13th. This guy walks in to the restaurant and launches into telling me about his schizophrenic mother, his traumatic home life, and the denture plate of his now-dead father which he carries around in his pocket for luck. I guess he thought it brought him loads luck of because then he added, “Nice boobs, by the way.” I got up and left.

BUT, the customers we served could either make your day… To all my homies working in the fast food business: I feel you.

Hopefully some of these stories will resonate with you because I can’t be the only one these things happen to.

Horror stories of online dating are freckling the Internet now, with people speaking out about their experiences more than ever before.

Tinder, now one of the most popular online dating websites, is not exempt from these scary stories.